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Attractive Combi


  • 50% Welcome Bonus (max EUR 40)
  • The minimum deposit is EUR 10
  • The welcome bonus is a 50% bonus up to a maximum amount of EUR 80 on the first deposit.
  • To get the welcome bonus, first you have to bet the deposit amount on a min. 1,75 odd. After that please apply for the
    Bonus per Email. [email protected] (for example: user: max123, welcome bonus). Yourbonus will be transfered
    within 12 hours.
  • The bonus amount has to be turned around 7 times on sportsbetting before a withdrawal can be requested. The minimum
    odds are 2.0. Bonus expiration date is 30 days.
  • If 2 or more bets are placed on different outcomes of the same event, then only the stake of the first placed bet will count
    towards the minimum turnover.
  • It is not allowed to combine the welcome bonus with other bonus
  • The new customer bonus is only available once per customer, account, household, set of payment details, jointly used
    computer (university, workplace, internet café etc.) and IP address.
  • The bonus offer is valid until further notice.
  • Golden90 reserves the right to change or cancel the type and the duration of the special offer at any time, and Golden90`s
    general Terms and Conditions apply.
  • If there should be any suspicion of one of the conditions of this offer being breached or customers placing bets that guarantee
    a win no matter the outcome of the bet on account of a paying-in bonus, free bets, improved winning payments or any other
    special offer, Golden90 reserves the right to demand the offer bonus back, correct or cancel bets placed, refuse to make
    payments and close accounts.

15% Money DEPOSIT

  • The minimum amount you have to deposit in order to benefit from the bonus is 15 Euros.
  • The maximum bonus amount you can receive within 24 hours is limited to 100 Euros. You do not have any bonus benefits
    for your investments using credit card, ecocard and neteller.
  • You have to convert twice the amount of the capital you have deposited into sports bets over 2,00 ratio. You can use your
    coupon for single matches or as a combined coupon provided that the minimum ratio is 2,00 and above. The rate of each
    selection on your combined coupon shall be 1,50 or above.
  • Live bets are included in the promotion while bets with two possibilities such as Bottom/Top, Single/double as well as draws
    will not be accepted for bonus conversion.
  • Transfers cannot be made to Money Withdrawal, Live Casino and Casino sections without fulfillinf the conversion conditions.
  • Should the player misuse the bonuses or act foul, Golden90 reserves the right to revoke such bonuses. Golden90 also
    reserves the right to change, modify any terms and conditions of the bonuses or terminate completely. The player shall
    have the sole responsibility to follow-up with current rules and conditions of bonuses. All profitable coupons (deleting
    the profits) of the players abusing the bonuses shall be cancelled out of their account, the process shall be carried out
    leaving only the deposited capital as balance.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other bonuses. You cannot benefit from a new deposit bonus promotion before
    completing the conditions of the deposit bonus promotion you have received. This promotion cannot be benefited from
    within 24 hours following the money withdrawal order.
  • Only one of the users who share the same ip address, address information, email account, telephone numbers, etc. will be
    able to benefit from this promotion. Additionally, only one individual from the same household can benefit from the bonus.
  • Golden90 reserves the right to request documents such as identification, certificate of residency, etc. from their members at
    its own discretion. Should the player fail to submit such documents, player’s earnings will be blocked.
  • As soon as you invest to receive you bonus and the money goes into your account, you can connect to live help and request
    your bonus. Bonus applications submitted after the coupon is made or after the coupon wins or loses will be ignored.
  • All bonuses not converted within thirty days will be cancelled.


  • Minimum deposit must be at least 10 euros. Both payments shold have the bonus.
  • The player who has taken Wellcome and Deposit Bonus should not have this Bonus.
  • You can have payback bonus ; Daily loses from ; 0 to 750 Euros : 10 % from ; 3000 & over : 20 %
  • Payback Bonus will be given due to your own Money which you deposited and lost. This bonus includes only Sports Bets.
    Casino is not included.
  • The member who had taken the payback bonus shoud withdraw directly to his bank account or he can bet. You have to offer
    your payback bonus in 24 hours. There has to be 0 euros in your bet account to make offer fort he bonus.
  • The member who made withdrawn , should not offer bonus in 24 hours.
  • To offer the bonus , send us an email [email protected] in 24 hours , with your username and the name of the bonus.
    Bonus will be added to your bet account or tou your bank account will be send between 1-3 hours.
  • The member who behaves illegal for the bonus, his account will be closed directly.
  • Golden90 should change the terms and conditions whenever he wants.
  • Golden90 should offer copy of Identıty and residence adress. If the member won’t send these Golden90 should block the account.

Attractive Combi


5 - 5 Bets

5% more profit


6 - 6 Bets

6% more profit


7 - 7 Bets

7% more profit


8 - 8 Bets

8% more profit


9 - 9 Bets

9% more profit


10 - 10 Bets

10% more profit


11 - 11 Bets

11% more profit


12 - 12 Bets

12% more profit


13 - 13 Bets

13% more profit


14 - 14 Bets

14% more profit


15 - 15 Bets

15% more profit


16 - 16 Bets

16% more profit


17 - 17 Bets

17% more profit


18 - 18 Bets

18% more profit


19 - 19 Bets

19% more profit


20 - 40 Bets

20% more profit