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We help you to gamble responsibly

  • Internet gambling can both be entertaining and profitable. But you can not always win. Losing is a part of the game and something you have to be prepared. Gambling can be addictive and make you lose judgment and money you can not afford to lose. We at Golden90 want all your gaming experiences to be as positive as possible, even if you lose. So we work hard to help you maintain control over your own gambling.

Do you need a time out?

  • If you feel you need a break from gambling, we can help you with a time-out. You choose how long you want your account to be closed. If you feel that your gambling is becoming a problem, you can always contact our Support ([email protected]), which in turn can refer you to professional help.

Do you worry about your children?

  • Do you worry about your children's access to the site? If you as an adult share your computer with minors so always remember to hold username, password and account information secret. There is also software you can make use of.
  • Software we recommend to use:
  • NetNanny (
    CyberPatrol (


  • It is illegal for anyone under 18 to open an account and/or to gamble with Golden90. Golden90 reserves the right to request any verification of the age of registrated customers and may suspend until adequate verification of his age.

Do you worry about your friends?

  • Are you worried that a close friend or relative might have a gambling problem? Contact our customer service([email protected]). They can help both you and the person you are worried about getting on the right track.

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